Importing goods: Save costs and manage international supply chains efficiently

How you can optimize your shipping processes with the multi-carrier shipping solution, all while ensure better cost transparency. Get your free shipping roadmap now.

Cost savings with the multi-carrier shipping solution

Get your free shipping roadmap now

Transport and logistics are the main cost drivers in the procurement and management of companies, and they also contribute significantly to their growth and success. This is why it is so important to optimize your shipping processes in order to realize cost savings. Above all, you need more flexibility and speed from your shipping service providers and more transparency for your supplier costs.

This also applies to your imports to Austria. You have to deal with a variety of challenges every day; for one, you have to coordinate many different suppliers in different systems, ensure that the goods arrive on time and simultaneously keep an eye on supplier costs at all times. In addition, you often have to react quickly and flexibly to ensure your supply chains, even in the event of changes in the transport market.

As a reliable shipping partner, we support you with your multi-carrier management with our free shipping roadmap.

Get your free shipping roadmap here!

In the shipping roadmap, you will learn how to optimize your supply chains and reduce the costs for your national and international shipping.


Are you on a tight deadline to deliver parecels, pallets, or documents to a recipient? In many cases, your express import needs to travel across long distances. To ensure that your urgent goods arrive on time, we recommend choosing an express delivery option. Choose one of the reliable and secure transport service providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and POST AT on our shipping platform.

Compare all services and prices clearly on one page and book your goods imports as an express or standard shipment today!

Special service for urgent and challenging shipments

Do you have a shipment that exceeds the usual standards in size or volume? Not sure how to proceed? Our logistics experts in special service shipping at LetMeShip are here to provide you with advice.

Special requests also include logistical emergencies, such as urgently needed business documents, medicine or goods to secure your supply chains. In this situation, every second counts and a secure shipping solution must be found quickly.

With our large selection of shipping service providers spread across the world, we not only guarantee fast and secure shipping, but also a flexible shipping options. Whether you want an accompanied shipment with an onboard courier or want to book express by air freight, we make (almost) everything possible.

For all special services, please call us directly at +43 662 234 550 33 or send us an e-mail at

Supplier connection for more cost transparency in shipping

Do you regularly have to deal with different suppliers and booking systems on a daily basis and lack transparency and an overview of your supplier costs? In order to optimize your shipping process, your LetMeShip account gives you the opportunity to invite all your suppliers, both nationally and internationally. The various supplier accounts are then directly linked to yours, which means that your suppliers can only book based on your terms, which you have set up on our platform. As a result, you end up getting the best price and full cost transparency – especially for import shipments.

Clever management of suppliers

You define whether your supplier can only ship to specific addresses and which shipping service providers/services are available to choose from. The billing takes place via your account, so that you always have an overview of your costs, even if your supplier is responsible for the booking. All shipments booked by a supplier located abroad are displayed to you in the system as import shipments.

A simplified shipping process with the multi-carrier shipping interface

Make your shipping as easy as possible! With our multi-carrier shipping interface, you can easily integrate our services into your own system. The interfaces of all our shipping service providers are already integrated in our REST API, which saves you a lot of time during connection and updates.


Simply compare the services and prices of our shipping service providers for your goods import online, regardless of the size of your package. From the document to the pallet – we will find the right solution for your shipping requirement. Thanks to Track & Trace, you also always have your shipment in view!

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Special service shipping
Whether hazardous goods, same day, on-board courier or air freight, we will find a solution for your special shipment needs.

Use our quick shipping cost calculator! Ship documents, packages and pallets at top rates.

Shipping services and prices at a glance! Book your desired shipping service provider and stay flexible at all times! Track your shipment and solve problems immediately – your shipment status is always up to date.


To ensure reliable import shipments, our logistics experts are here to help you at any time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call for a in-person conversation at +43 662 234 550 33 or send us an e-mail at