Our customer service is even better now!

The oldest known customer complaint was written on a clay tablet 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia. It was carved into a stone with cuneiform writing. The content? A delivery was late – and on top of it all, they even sent the wrong material! The processing of this complaint certainly took a very long time. After all, there was no customer service yet!

Personal support – no call center flair

Today, every single concern of our customers is very important to us. Our goal: to really solve their problems. We believe that this personal advice and support is exactly what good customer service is all about. However, this 1:1 assistance takes time. We have therefore identified a weak point as the downside of our intensive support: Our shipping experts can’t always answer every call. Sometimes all lines are simply busy.

Introduction of a Call-Inspector – We call you back

In order not to leave you alone with your questions or shipment problems, we have come up with something.

We have introduced the so-called “Call Inspector” to our customer service for the DACH region. With this initiative we register all callers who were unable to reach us and call them all right back. In this way, we ensure that really every request is answered.

After the first few weeks we can already draw excellent conclusions: Our call acceptance rate is now 100%. We have also received the first positive feedback from our customers, which makes us very happy! Because we are here to simplify your shipping and if we succeed at that, we are satisfied.

Your LetMeShip customer service team