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LetMeShip Connect

Multi carrier API for direct integration of all shipping service providers in your IT infrastructure

LetMeShip Connect API

LetMeShip Connect enables you to directly connect your existing IT system such as ERP or WaWi, as well as your online shop, with your shipping service providers using our SOAP-API. Choose your required methods and features and harmonise your processes.

  • Version control management
  • High-performance SOAP-API
  • Automated shipment registration
  • Automated generation of shipping notes
  • All types of shipping and related services
  • Track and trace
  • Backend with high degree of data security
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Version control management

All versions are downward compatible and we are keeping you up to date about any updates, new features and bug fixes via our change log and technical support services.

Flexible high-performance SOAP-API

Quick programmatic traceability at full data transparency is available for the individual transaction steps, thanks to fast SOAP technology.


Shipment registration and the generation of shipping notes with the respective carriers takes place automatically. You can choose between A5 PDF labels or 100 x 150 mm format for thermal transfer printing.

Backend with high degree of data security

All your shipping data is saved to the backend and available for analysis as a CSV download.

Fallback scenario

With LetMeShip Direct you have access to a fully functional backup booking system, in case your API ever fails.

Shipping types and services

LetMeShip Connect allows you to handle all shipping options and services, ranging from standard through to express shipping. Whether or not you have any framework agreements with the shipping service providers in place.

Track and trace

We also provide you with comprehensive tracking services, of course. You can use this feature with or without proactive notifications.

Select the functions of your choice

You are currently able to choose from the following options: GetAvailableServices, CreateShipment, CancelShipment, GetDocuments, GetShipmentInfo, GetShipmentState, GetShipments, GetTrackingData, CreateShipmentOrder

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