On 7 February 2000 Europe’s first online shipping platform was established. At that time the user interface looked a little different, but the idea behind LetMeShip was the same as today: A transparent shipping comparison and booking platform for business customers.


Following the successful launch of LetMeShip in Germany and the elimination of the first teething problems, Switzerland was introduced as the second country 5 years from the start. LetMeShip Switzerland is operated in cooperation with Martin Gehri.


The first major clients were aware of the practical delivery platform and noticed the many potential savings and additional functions of LetMeShip. Alstom Power (now GE Alstom AG) was the first professional customer on board LetMeShip.


In order to keep up with the times, we gave our platform a more modern look in 2012. The new design meant LetMeShip was even clearer, simpler and more modern.


France was third country added to LetMeShip in 2013. This did not simply lead to LetMeShip becoming international but we also added 4 French employees to our team.


The era of large customer solutions began for LetMeShip. LetMeShip Professional led to the establishment of the three solutions Office, Cloud and LetMeShip Solutions. From then on companies could be served by decentralised shipping structures, online shops or warehouse shippers.


In 2015 LetMeShip launched in the Netherlands. We are expanding our European shipping services further.


The first non-European country, Hong Kong, went live in 2015. Customers to and from Asia can now be served much better. Three new colleagues were added to the LetMeShip team with Hong Kong.


In July 2016 Austria , the last country in the DACH region, was also added. Immediately we were able to serve customers with an Austrian company headquarters with great shipping rates and the many advantages of LetMeShip.


After the launch phase in the Hamburg headquarter, the French team is moving to Nantes at the French Atlantic coast.


Beginning of the year our next location Belgium is online. End of 2018 LetMeShip presents the new product CONNECT – a web-based interface that clients can integrate in their existing IT-infrastructure.


In February 2019 LetMeShip expands its range with another European country. Spain is online now. At the same time the new corporate design with the new logo is launched.


LetMeShip celebrates its 20th anniversary. What started in 2000 as the first online shipping platform to bring transparency into the shipping jungle has developed into Europe’s leading shipping software in the B2B sector in recent years. The need for a flexible solution for multi-carrier dispatch processing in companies is the foundation stone for LetMeShip

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