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Peak Season
SHIPPING IN PEAK SEASON: How well prepared are you?
During this time, it’s not at all uncommon that the delivery of your shipments will require longer transit times. So,…
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We have lost a good friend and business partner!
  It is with great sadness that we have to announce that last Tuesday, we have lost a very good…
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We are 100 LetMeShippers!
The LetMeShip family is growing and growing! “Celebrating the power of 100 LetMeShippers”, we welcomed our 100th employee on 1…
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Importsendung Zollabwicklung
What the new EU VAT package means for your import shipping
With effect from 1 July 2021, the new EU VAT package will come into force, which will abolish the previously…
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Brexit: Shipping FAQ – what you should know about it
After the European Commission was able to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom on a trade deal on 24…
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Brexit - kosten meine Sendungen nach oder aus Großbritannien nun mehr?
Brexit – do I have to pay more for my shipment to or from the UK?
With Brexit looming, many are wondering whether the UK's exit from the EU will affect the cost of moving goods…
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Brexit – checklists and manuals for goods traffic to the UK
In the fourth part of our Brexit news series, we present some tools and information sheets provided by the European…
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Brexit – will I have problems with my shipment to the UK?
In our third Brexit news series we will again show you what new regulations you will have to observe when…
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What happens to my shipment after the Brexit?
The end of the year is coming closer and with it the question of what the Brexit means for me…
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Brexit – what do I have to consider now?
The word is on everyone's lips (not just since yesterday - but now things are getting serious :-) ) and…
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