Document shipping with LetMeShip

With our multi-carrier shipping solution, you can send your documents safely and confidently. A document is a loose sheet of paper that can be sent nationally or internationally in an envelope via LetMeShip. The shipment must not contain any goods, even if they do fit within the envelope. Document shipment can be used to send contracts, personal messages or invoices, to name a few examples. Using our shipping calculator, you can compare the prices of the various national and international shipping options and directly book the best offer that fits your needs.

Express delivery of documents

If you need to send urgent documents that should reach the consignee quickly, we have integrated a large selection of shipping service providers for your express needs right within our shipping platform. You won’t need to make a request to all transport service providers individually either; with LetMeShip, you can compare all of them in one clear overview and directly book the best suited ones. It’s easy: Simply enter your shipment data into the shipping screen for the rate comparison, compare prices and the various transport companies and, finally, select the most suitable offer. You won’t only save money, but a lot of time as well.

Same Day document dispatch

You need to send your document in a hurry and have it delivered on the same day? No problem! Thanks to our large network of shipping service providers, we’re able to find you an optimal solution. Call us now and your personal service manager will help you to get your shipment on its way as soon as possible.

Send documents worldwide

LetMeShip lets you securely ship important documents anywhere in the world. Whether you need to send a contract or an invoice abroad, use our shipping calculator to compare and book services for international shipments. LetMeShip also lets you accurately track your document’s progress. This not only optimizes your processes, but also saves you money.


With our multi-carrier shipping solution, you have many shipping service providers at your disposal to send your documents nationally, within Europe or worldwide. The prices of the individual shipping service providers often vary, which is why we can’t give you an all-inclusive price right now. However, you can see all current prices at a glance via our shipping comparison feature, which allows you to quickly compare services and rates. Simply enter the shipment data into our shipping calculator and you’ll directly see all tariff options displayed.

Our LetMeShip shipping solution is independent, free to use and contains no sponsored listings.

Track your document shipment

You can also track your document using the LetMeShip shipment tracking feature. This way, you or the consignee will always know where the courier is with your important document.

Further services

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Use our quick shipping cost calculator! Ship documents, packages and pallets at top rates.

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