4Tex GmbH benefits from a simpler shipping process thanks to the LetMeShip shipping platform

The privately owned company 4Tex GmbH from Austria was founded in 2011 and employs 10 people at its location in Villach. Two employees work at the site in North America.
4Tex GmbH is involved in the development of high-performance and durable products for equipment manufacturers and end users in the semiconductor industry. Their technical experts have many years of experience in the semiconductor environment.

For a good three years now, 4Tex has been handling shipments via our LetMeShip platform, making it quick and easy to send all their products such as temperature sensors, flow heaters, flowmeters and flow controllers. Each month they have between 20 and 25 shipments that are sent both nationally and internationally.

In the past, the shipping process was more laborious for 4Tex because it took a lot of time to check prices with all the shipping providers for each shipment. But since they started using LetMeShip, they can be much more flexible with their shipping. On just one page, they are now able to compare the prices of the shipping service providers and usually decide on the cheapest provider that meets their shipping requirements.

They appreciate that they are no longer tied to a transport service provider and can flexibly decide at any time with which carrier they handle their shipping. And on top of that, they also save on shipping costs. Thanks to the simple use of the LetMeShip portal, their shipping process is now much faster.

“We wouldn’t want to do without this independence in the selection of shipping service providers in the future”, says Jörg Hofer-Moser from 4Tex GmbH.

Jörg Hofer-Moser has been with the company since 2011 and is Managing Partner at 4Tex in Villach, Austria.

4Tex Website: www.4tex.at