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LetMeShip web application saves time in the shipping process for companies in the hardening industry

TTC customers benefit from the integration of the logistics module into the AMS process software.

TTC-Informatik was founded in 1997 by the current three managing directors Thomas Ploch, Carsten Schäfer and Thorsten Trägenap. The aim of the company was to develop software that would enable hardening companies to map their workflows and treatment processes. At the time, no such solution was available on the market.

The software company serves customers in the heat and surface treatment industry worldwide, with a focus on contract heat treatment and industrial hardening companies. With over 160 customers on 3 continents, TTC-Informatik is the market leader in the heat treatment niche with its specialised software AMS (Order Management System).

“We don’t just see ourselves as a software supplier, but as an integrated consulting company that focuses on solving customer problems in day-to-day practice,” says Thorsten Trägenap, Managing Director of TTC-Informatik.

AMS is designed to help customers optimise and transparently map their internal processes – from working directly on the systems, through commercial and administrative order processing, to shipping the processed products. This is where LetMeShip comes in with its multi-carrier shipping solution. 

Integrated shipping solution from LetMeShip in AMS software saves time

The integration of a logistics module into the AMS software was prompted by a new customer who had a good experience with LetMeShip and wanted to take advantage of a more extensive integration. This company requested a connection to LetMeShip to optimise the logistics and shipping of goods and to take advantage of the benefits of both systems.

For the software developers at TTC-Informatik, it was a great advantage that LetMeShip offers a free API interface through which the logistics module could be easily integrated.

Since 2022, TTC offers its customers a direct connection to the LetMeShip portal. “This saves time and resources by eliminating the need for time-consuming searches on different carriers’ websites and in different systems. Customers can find out about shipping options directly in the Logistics module of the AMS software, select the appropriate shipping service provider, book the shipment, print the shipping labels directly and finally invoice the shipments via their individual LetMeShip account,” says Thorsten Trägenap.

Multi-carrier shipping offers customers a variety of shipping providers and transport options

TTC-Informatik’s customers ship both nationally and internationally, depending on their location and business relationships. The volume of shipments is difficult to measure, as the customer base includes multinational corporations as well as owner-managed and family-owned companies that can book and control their shipments independently. The volume of customer shipments also depends on the order situation.

A multi-carrier shipping solution is the ideal way to meet a wide range of customer shipping requirements. Whether parcel, pallet or pallet cage, whether EU-wide or, in rare cases, to and from overseas, or booking a special service such as the shipment of particularly bulky goods.

Customers are completely free to choose their shipping provider and service, but often use a pre-defined selection of their favourites. The booking process itself is mapped in the LetMeShip customer account and invoices can be viewed at any time in the invoice archive.

About the development of the AMS software

Many years of close contact with the industry and insider knowledge of its specific requirements formed the basis for the development of the AMS software. TTC Informatik was able to deliver the first basic functions of the software to its first customer in 1999.

Since then, AMS has been continuously expanded and supplemented with numerous modules such as quality management, logistics, statistics and much more. AMS even has direct communication with the process control systems, i.e. the furnace control system, and can therefore send heat treatment parameters directly to the furnace and receive status messages. This is unique in the industry.

Currently, 28 employees are working every day on the further development of AMS and customer support to ensure the operation of the solutions and systems supplied.


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