Simplify your christmas shipping!

Are you planning to send christmas gifts to customers & partners? And you don’t want to book each shipment separate?

We have the solution! Use the batch shipping function for identical parcels that you want to send nationally!

Log in to your LetMeShip account and open the shipping page. There you have to select the batch shipping function. Click on all the addresses in your address book to which you want to send a present. After that you just enter the shipment details, select a carrier and book your shipment. All parcels will automatically collected by the carrier on the day of your choice.


If you have several new addresses to be added to your address book, you can send them to us in an Excel file and we will import them for you. Please contact your sales manager if you are interested.

Isn’t that easy? Try it directly!

We wish you a stress-free shipping and a wonderful christmas season! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.