General cargo transport

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If bulky or heavy loads are loaded by a freight forwarder and do not completely fill the transport space, this is referred to as general cargo transport. In contrast to a direct journey, delivery takes several days. Using the LetMeShip shipping platform, you can contact several freight forwarders with just one enquiry and have everything in one system.

What is general cargo transport?

General cargo can be packages, pallets, barrels, or transport crates. The point at which a consignment must be sent as general cargo and is no longer transported by parcel service providers depends on the service provider’s specifications for maximum permissible weights and dimensions. The German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association defines general cargo shipments as shipments that are heavier than 50 kg and lighter than 3,000 kg. In addition, due to the higher weight, general cargo must always be able to be palleted or lifted underneath.

Parcels and pallets

General cargo forwarding companies organise the transport as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. In order to maximise the capacity utilisation of the vehicles used, freight may have to be reloaded once or several times.

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What information should your enquiry contain?

In order to provide you with a suitable quote for your general cargo transport, in addition to the dimensions and weight of your shipment as well as the destination and pick-up location, information on the type and value of the goods and whether transport insurance should also be booked is also required for insurance reasons. As prices can vary greatly and depend on the type, dimensions, weight and the route to be travelled, you will receive up-to-date, individual offers from various shipping companies in our partner network.

As a LetMeShip customer, you can simply create the enquiry in your account via a special shipping request and it will be automatically forwarded to freight forwarders for general cargo. If you do not yet have an account, you can contact us by phone or e-mail without any obligation.

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Shipping general cargo: What you need to consider

Sending general cargo is quite straightforward. However, to ensure that the goods arrive safely, special attention should be paid to transport-safe packaging. Shippers should also think about insurance cover in advance.

Can general cargo be tracked?

Tracking of general cargo is generally not possible. If required, we can provide you with the driver’s telephone number and the lorry’s registration number.

Transport insurance

General cargo shipments are not automatically fully insured. Basic insurance is no longer sufficient, especially for valuable freight. Your account manager at LetMeShip will always inform you about your options and the risks of insufficient insurance cover.

Pack general cargo correctly

In principle, the shipper is responsible for the packaging. Shipping companies accept no liability for improperly packaged goods, or may even refuse to transport them. We recommend always using a pallet at this point, as consignments weighing 30 kg or more must be able to be driven under. Ensure that your goods are securely fastened to the pallet and, if necessary, use special edge protection. If several packages are stacked on a pallet or transported in a transport crate, the cavities must be filled or otherwise prevented from colliding. Protruding goods must be specially protected and labelled.