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Book forwarding agents dispatch in your area

Freight forwarding means the transport of goods by road and rail, i.e. by lorry or train. Depending on the country of dispatch, we also offer sea freight. Freight forwarders are usually commissioned when particularly large and heavy freight items need to be shipped, refrigerated transport is involved, general cargo is being shipped or an urgent document needs to be delivered quickly by direct transport.

How can I order a forwarding agent via LetMeShip?

You can easily request a forwarding agent via our shipping and booking platform. The enquiry and quotation from us is free of charge and absolutely non-binding.

Simply register for free and submit a shipping enquiry via your login in the “Shipping” area. If you have urgent shipments, select the “Same Day” tab. Here you can request express shipments as well as same-day deliveries or on-board couriers. For shipping large, bulky freight items, general cargo or dangerous goods, select the “Special” tab.

After receiving your enquiry, we will get back to you with a quote. Booking a freight forwarder via LetMeShip has advantages: On the one hand, you have to work your way through the offers of various freight forwarders; on the other hand, we also take care of the entire process with the freight forwarder.

What are the costs if I hire a forwarding agent?

The cost of a freight forwarding transport depends heavily on what you want to send and where you want to send it to. An urgent direct shipment or the dispatch of large, bulky freight items is always associated with higher costs than a standard shipment or the dispatch of general cargo. However, the costs for customs clearance are already included in the freight costs. We recommend that you take out insurance for particularly valuable goods.

What information should you have to book a shipping company?

All you need is precise information about the contents, dimensions and weight, the collection address including collection time and the destination. If you commission a forwarding agent, the forwarder will bring the consignment notes directly with them when they collect the goods from you.

Which goods can/must I send by forwarding agent?

Not all goods can be packed in a handy parcel. For example, large, heavy and bulky goods such as car parts, furniture and bicycles are always transported on pallets or in pallet cages by a freight forwarder. But not everything has to be large: you can also send urgent documents by direct transport. These are often requests for urgently needed documents for shipping so that ships can enter harbours, or the time-critical dispatch of tender documents.

How quickly can a freight forwarder transport my goods?

If it is not a direct transport, delivery can take up to a week, depending on the destination. In addition, the goods usually have to be placed on a pallet or in a pallet cage to simplify handling for the carrier. On the other hand, shipping by freight forwarder is still one of the safest shipping methods, especially for valuable freight.

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