Shipping delays due to international sporting events

In summer 2024, several major sporting events will take place in Europe that could have an impact on your shipping: The European Football Championship in Germany (14.06-14.07), the Tour de France (29.06-21.07) and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris (26.07-11.08 and 28.08-08.09). Significant regional effects on traffic are to be expected before, during and after these events.

You should therefore plan for disruptions to your shipping and assume longer delivery times. Express shipping should be considered instead of standard shipping, especially for more time-critical consignments. Please contact us directly: Our logistics experts will provide you with comprehensive advice on your options.

How can companies react now?

If the sporting events have not already been taken into account in your dispatch planning, you should start now. This is because the disruption can last for several weeks depending on the region – in the greater Paris area, it will probably be felt until October.

Checks in particular:

  • Whether consignments can be brought forward or postponed
  • Whether shipments can be rebooked to alternative routes or transport carriers, e.g. whether air freight makes more sense than land transport
  • Whether other services should be selected, e.g. express or courier instead of standard or a direct journey instead of a groupage shipment

Thanks to our large network of various national and international shipping service providers and forwarding agents, we can offer you a solution for any service you require.

Are additional costs to be expected?

It is not possible to make a generalised statement. If you want to play it safe and opt for an express or direct delivery service, you must of course expect higher costs. However, the costs for standard deliveries may also increase regionally and for a limited period of time. The first haulage companies have already announced a surcharge for deliveries in the Paris area during the Olympic Games. However, whether and to what extent such surcharges will be incurred depends heavily on the individual service providers. We at LetMeShip have no influence on this.

Why do sporting events have an impact on traffic?

Major international sporting events mean great emotion and fun and a unique opportunity for the organisers to present their city to the world. However, they also always bring logistical challenges with them. Thousands of tourists and officials moving through the streets, extensive construction measures with road closures and diversions, additional controls that also affect interregional and international freight transport. Specific reasons are:

  • Generally increased traffic volume: There will be considerable traffic before and during the competitions, as numerous visitors will be travelling to and from the event.
  • Security measures: Security checks at the entrances to sports venues and neighbourhoods as well as security zones that are completely closed to traffic will lead to traffic jams and longer routes and make route planning more difficult.
  • Border controls: Additional security measures at national borders could slow down the international transport of goods.
  • The opening and closing ceremonies as well as the subsequent dismantling of the infrastructure will cause additional traffic obstructions. These measures are often associated with road closures and diversions.

Flexible shipping solutions with a multi-carrier partner

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