Refrigerated transport

Your advantages when shipping refrigerated goods via LetMeShip

  • Reliable national and international refrigerated transport companies in Germany
  • Refrigerated direct deliveries
  • Free no-obligation enquiry and quote
  • Personal support for refrigerated transport from our in-house logistics experts
  • No hidden costs — we give you a binding final price
Refrigerated Transport

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Shipping requirements in companies are often complex and time-consuming. A task in which you can count on our support. Contact us today and find out more about our shipping offers for B2B customers!

Cooling transport — Reliable shipping partners for the cold chain

Refrigerated transport plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and shelf life of temperature-sensitive goods. When you need to transport refrigerated goods, you need a reliable shipping expert who can perform the task with the utmost reliability and punctuality.

How do I order a temperature-sensitive transport by freight forwarder via LetMeShip?

You can use our shipping and booking platform to easily request a frozen transport by freight forwarder – free of charge and with absolutely no obligation. Create a free account with just a few clicks and select the “Special” tab in the shipping menu to request a quote.

Your enquiry will automatically be forwarded to our partner companies. We will check the prices and get back to you with a customised quote. This means you don’t have to deal with multiple quotes from different service providers. As the link to the carrier, we also take care of the entire shipping process.

How much does a cooling transport cost?

Costs vary greatly depending on what is being transported and where. Direct transport is always more expensive than regular refrigerated transport because your goods are transported directly to the recipient, non-stop and without handling. For international shipments, the cost of customs clearance may also be included in the quote. Valuable freight should always be additionally insured – our staff will be happy to advise you.

Frozen Transport

What information do I need to have ready when booking a refrigerated transport?

The request must include details of the contents, dimensions and weight, the collection address, the planned collection time and the delivery address. Please always state whether it is a temperature controlled or dry ice transport and the temperature to be maintained during the transport. In the case of refrigerated transport, the carrier will bring the waybill when collecting the goods.

Which goods require refrigerated transport?

In principle, all temperature-sensitive goods require refrigerated transport. The only difference is the ambient temperature that must be maintained to keep the cold chain intact. Typical reefer cargoes include foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and plants, as well as pharmaceuticals and chemical products.