SHIPPING IN PEAK SEASON: How well prepared are you?

During this time, it’s not at all uncommon that the delivery of your shipments will require longer transit times.

So, what does this mean and what factors should you consider in advance?

  • What is considered peak season in the mail order business?
    • Christmas is fast approaching and with it begins the peak season in the postal world. During this time, there is an increased volume of shipments, both nationally and internationally, predominantly due to the enormous increase in orders during the holiday season. Not only is the number of individual buyers who buy their gifts online growing, but retail businesses also need more goods, which they order from wholesalers. Also, many companies send gifts to employees, customers or partners at Christmas. Consequently, all shipping service provider networks need to work at maximum capacity and more staff are required. To guarantee satisfactory service and faster delivery, some shipping service providers impose a “peak season surcharge” during this busy time, which covers any increased costs. You will see the surcharge amount as soon as you book your shipment via our shipping platform.
  • What does peak season mean for your shipping?
    • With respect to your national and international shipments, it means that, on the one hand, you will have to pay a surcharge with some shipping service providers and, on the other, that there’s an increased risk of transit time delays for your deliveries. The transit time guarantee usually assured by shipping service providers is suspended during peak season, as it often cannot be met. When placing short notice orders, you will need to bear in mind that delays can occur due to backlogs or excess work in transshipment centres, which affects the delivery of your consignment.
  • What is the best choice for you at this time? Standard or express shipping?
    • If your shipment doesn’t need to be rushed, then you can choose standard shipping and it will be given a lower priority. However, if you want faster delivery, we would definitely recommend express shipping. In this case, transport service providers will consider it a priority and transit times are more often met. If you have a shipment that cannot arrive late to the recipient under any circumstance, we highly recommend booking a direct or Same Day shipment. This guarantees punctual delivery! You can book all these shipment types on our shipping platform. Or, simply call your personal LetMeShip customer advisor to find out which service provider is currently the most reliable. Not only is a call quicker than an email, but you’ll also get a direct response to book your shipping quickly.

Do you still have questions about Peak Season or need help with shipping? Our team is looking forward to hearing from you, either by e-mail at or by phone at +34 91 901 00 36.

We wish you a relaxed shipping season!

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