E-Tuk Factory successfully ships with LetMeShip

You probably know them, the lightning fast tuktuks which are a very popular means of transport in Asia and especially in Thailand. In the Netherlands, too, they are increasingly roaming the streets.

E-Tuk Factory in Diemen, North Holland, produces a super-modern version of the fast three-wheelers. They have opted for ‘smart, green & clean’ and have therefore exchanged the petrol engine for an electric version. A revolution in e-mobility!

Every month, the E-Tuk Factory builds about 60 E-Tuks, which drive around in more than 30 countries all over the world. The organisation works together with distributors and representatives on an international level and offers their clients the safest, simplest and most sustainable package of products, services and spare parts.

For the national and international transport of packages and other shipments, E-Tuk Factory uses the shipping services of LetMeShip. IT employee Brian Oosterwijk has been using LetMeShip for two years and is very satisfied with our shipping solution for the approximately 20 packages he sends every month.

When we asked Brian what he thinks is the biggest advantage of LetMeShip’s services, he replied “You can always choose a good transport option for your parcels”.

The clear overview of shipping services and rates on the LetMeShip platform means he doesn’t have to spend time looking for the right carrier and favourable rates. He knows that LetMeShip has already done the research for him and always gives him the best options!

Read more on E-Tuk Factory Website: www.etukfactory.com