Truck haulage

Truck haulage – Reliable shipping for business customers

Truck haulage companies are the all-rounders among road transport companies: they take on particularly large and heavy freight items, refrigerated goods, general cargo, bulky freight as well as parcels and even documents. If it has to be done quickly, they also offer direct transport.

In Austria, CEP service providers generally only collect consignments by midday. If a shipment needs to be dispatched urgently in the afternoon, you should plan your shipment with a forwarding agent.

Truck Haulage

How can I hire a freight forwarder via LetMeShip?

You can easily request a forwarding agent via our shipping and booking platform – free of charge and with absolutely no obligation.

Create a free account and submit a shipping enquiry via your login in the shipping menu. For urgent shipments, select the “Same Day” tab. For shipping large, bulky freight items, general cargo or refrigerated transport, select the “Special shipping” tab.

Your enquiry will be automatically forwarded to our partner freight forwarders. We will check the prices and get back to you with a customised offer.

Booking a freight forwarder via LetMeShip has advantages: Firstly, you don’t have to work your way through offers from a wide range of service providers, and secondly, we also take care of the entire process with the freight forwarder.

Haulage Costs

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Shipping requirements in companies are often complex and time-consuming. A task in which you can count on our support.

  • Up to 15 reliable shipping companies
  • Non-binding and free enquiry and quotation
  • Personalised support for shipping by our in-house logistics experts
  • No hidden costs – we give you a binding final price

How much does freight forwarding cost?

As always, the costs depend on what needs to be transported and where. Direct journeys or bulky goods always involve higher costs than a standard pallet or parcel. In the case of international shipping, however, the costs incurred for customs clearance are already included in the shipping price. Particularly valuable freight should always be additionally insured — our staff will advise you on this.

What information is required to book a freight forwarder?

Your enquiry must contain precise details of the contents, dimensions and weight, the collection address, the planned collection time and the delivery address. In the case of a forwarding agent shipment, the forwarding agent will bring the consignment notes when the goods are collected.

Which goods can I send by lorry freight forwarder?

Particularly large or bulky goods and heavy freight weighing more than 31.5 kg must always be transported by a forwarding agent and then secured on pallets or in a pallet cage. However, smaller parcels or urgent documents can also be shipped in this way without any problems.