Supplier connection: Connect suppliers and save on imported goods

Always import at the best prices – connect suppliers to your LetMeShip account and pass on shipping conditions

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you only needed one system for your complete goods dispatch? And to which you can simply invite all your suppliers and they will benefit from the same shipping prices for imported goods as you do? That’s exactly what we offer you with the supplier connection in LetMeShip now!

As a LetMeShip customer with the supplier connection you benefit from many advantages

  • Transparent supplier costs
  • Attractive import rates
  • Fast connection – suppliers are ready to ship immediately
  • Process optimization
  • Worldwide use, since multilingual system
  • No software necessary – controllable via common browsers

What you can expect

Benefit from extensive options for supplier integration and optimize your shipping processes with LetMeShip. By booking shipments from a single source, you create transparency and always receive the best conditions..

Supplier connection? What exactly is that?

It’s very easy, as a LetMeShip customer you invite all your suppliers from Germany and abroad via e-mail and link your accounts. That’s it and now you have all the data in one clear system. From now on all suppliers can book at the same good conditions as you and you have full cost control at all times – especially for import shipments from abroad. So your supplier e.g. from China can book your goods at your conditions via your account/system to you.

Supplier Management – The functions at a glance

A comprehensive range of functions is available to you to optimize your supplier connection as you need it. You as administrator decide what your supplier can and cannot see. For example, you can deactivate the price view. In this case, your supplier will only be shown the shipping service provider selection and the booking mask.

You also have the option of defining mandatory fields for your own process optimization. For example, this could be the mandatory entry of a delivery reference, e.g. an order number, a supplier identification, or important information for your incoming goods process.

Define whether your supplier may only ship to specified addresses and which transport service providers/services are available.

Of course, the invited supplier will not see any sensitive data from your user account.

Track & Trace

You can also activate the tracking function, so you will receive a confirmation email with every package shipped and can always track the delivery via Track & Trace.

The Accounting

Billing is done through your account. Thus you can view all invoices at any time, as they are sent to your stored address – even if your supplier is responsible for the booking. All shipments booked by a supplier based abroad are displayed in the system as import shipments; you remain the main contact person.

We hope you enjoy inviting your suppliers to our shipping platform! For more information and detailed instructions on how to connect, please contact us!