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Are you familiar with the Milkrun concept?

Ulla Wenderoth
The Milkrun concept or Milkrun principle is a logistics concept. We briefly explain its meaning and functioning for today’s supply logistics. Basic idea and historical origin of the Milkrun concept … Read more

Our common goal: Olympics 2024

Carolin Fischer
LetMeShip is main sponsor of German marathon runner Haftom Welday   Photo from left Haftom Welday and Mark Winkelmann, Managing Director LetMeShip Since autumn 2022, we have been supporting marathon … Read more

We are 100 LetMeShippers!

Vanessa Kruse
The LetMeShip family is growing and growing! “Celebrating the power of 100 LetMeShippers”, we welcomed our 100th employee on 1 July 2021. Surprising our team with a sparkling present, sent … Read more


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