Radio Holland uses shipping platform from LetMeship for domestic and international shipping

Radio Holland was founded in 1953 and is active in the field of electronic navigation for the shipping, military and aviation industries.

Radio Holland turned to LetMeShip because the shipping platform provides an overview of all shipping service providers, enabling faster and easier carrier selection. The company has already been using LetMeShip’s services since 2018.

Before working with LetMeShip, Radio Holland had major issues with delays in shipping and collection, as well as customs. LetMeShip has helped to solve these issues as they work with trusted service providers and offer all types of shipping methods, including express and same-day deliveries.This ensures that all shipments arrive on time. LetMeShip also provides administrative support, such as processing customs documents.

Radio Holland orders about 70 national and international shipments per month, which are assigned to shipping service providers TNT, DHL or UPS, depending on the requirements of each shipment.

Radio Holland benefits above all from the simple user interface and the attractive prices. In addition, the company appreciates the reliability of the LetMeShip customer service.