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Import from the USA to Germany – You want to import goods from the USA to Germany and book them easily? No problem with the multi-carrier shipping platform – simply compare prices and choose from a variety of well-known shipping service providers.

Import Germany from USA

Foreign trade between Germany and the USA is flourishing: the USA ranks third as one of Germany’s most important trading partners, after China and the Netherlands1 In 2022, goods worth around 93 billion euros were imported from the USA, an increase of around 28% compared to the previous year.2

This also increases the demand from German B2B companies for fast and reliable shipping partners for the import of goods from the USA. Companies wishing to import goods from the USA can easily compare the shipping rates of all shipping partners via our shipping calculator and book directly online – without contract and volume commitments.

And, if you do have any questions, our Customer Service Team is always available to advise you personally!

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Shipping requirements in companies are often complex and time-consuming. A task in which you can count on our support.

Calculate your import costs from the USA to Germany

Shipping by air freight to bring your goods from the USA to Germany usually takes about 2-3 days. Even if the transport costs are a little higher, it is worth it – especially for smaller shipments with a low weight. Most parcel services limit the maximum weight of a shipment to 31.5 kg, for example. When booking through our shipping platform, you can choose from a variety of well-known CEP service providers (CEP = courier, express and parcel service), such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. They will transport your shipment to Austria by cargo plane.

In comparison: Sea freight from the USA (and also from China) takes approx. 3-6 weeks to arrive, depending on where in the USA the freight is delivered from. Often your goods have to be transported from the supplier to the port beforehand, which can sometimes take between one day and one week.

You want to import by air freight from North America to Germany and have questions? Our shipping experts in the Special Service will be happy to assist you!

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Import Express from the US

Shipping times may vary depending on the shipping option you choose and the size of your shipment. If you want to ensure that your urgent goods reach you in the shortest possible time, we recommend express shipping. Express shipping via well-known shipping service providers such as UPS, DHL Express, TNT or FedEx via our shipping platform ensures on-time delivery with transit time guarantees. This makes import shipping processes easier to plan and saves resources, especially in small and medium-sized companies. By the way, the transit times for each carrier are displayed directly in the price comparison.

Reliable shipping partners for your US imports

When booking an import shipment, the choice of shipping service provider plays an important role in addition to price and transit time. For many of our customers, the reputation of the shipping service provider, the experience they have gained and the possibility of accessing international carriers directly are important factors in their decision. Especially when it comes to importing goods in smaller volumes. With us, you have the choice, depending on the shipping option:

Import from the USA with DHL Express

DHL Express is part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, one of the largest international shipping service providers in the world. DHL Express specialises in international express and parcel shipping. Present in more than 220 countries, the shipping service provider has a large air freight network – also for goods imports from the USA.

Import from the USA with UPS

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is a US courier express parcel service operating worldwide. The subsidiary UPS Airlines is responsible for all UPS air transport. With one of the largest air freight fleets in the world, UPS is a reliable shipping partner for your imports from North America to Germany.

Import from the USA with FedEx/TNT

FedEx is a globally operating US courier and logistics company. Since May 2015, TNT Express has also officially become a subsidiary of FedEx. The air freight division of FedEx Express is the largest cargo airline in the world and has a global transport network for your goods imports from the USA.

Regardless of whether you want to import parcels, pallets or documents from the USA, the price comparison clearly shows you all available carriers according to your shipping requirements. With the shipment tracking function (Track & Trace), you can also see where your import shipment is at any time, regardless of which carrier you have booked.


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Special service shipping
Whether hazardous goods, same day, on-board courier or air freight, we will find a solution for your special shipment needs.

Customs for your imports from the USA to Germany

First things first: For importing goods from the USA to Germany, the requirements for you as the importer (“ordering party” of the consignment) are quite uncomplicated. When booking via our online booking platform, all customs-relevant data is requested directly during registration. However, in order to avoid delays in delivery, we recommend that you contact the exporter (consignor) in the USA directly and provide them with all the necessary commercial documents and data.

Supplier connection – More transparency for your supplier costs

As an importing company, you often have many different suppliers from different countries. This often makes it difficult to keep track of supplier costs, even for import shipments from the USA. We provide a solution here: On the shipping platform, you have the option with your LetMeShip account to invite all your international suppliers and link them to your account (customer account). This ensures that your suppliers book at the conditions you have set. In this way you avoid possible price negotiations and also secure the best price.

In addition, you can determine whether your supplier is only allowed to ship to specified addresses and which shipping service providers and services are available for selection. Billing is done via your account, so you always have an overview of your shipping costs, even if your supplier is responsible for the booking. All shipments booked by a supplier based abroad are displayed in the system as import shipments.

Exports from Germany to the US

The USA is Germany’s most important export partner for goods.3 In 2022, the value of exports from Germany to the USA totalled around 211 billion euros.4 Top exports include motor vehicles and vehicle parts, machinery and chemical products.5 On our shipping and booking platform, you can compare the import and export costs for your parcels, pallets and documents and track booked shipments accordingly in the shipment tracking system. Find out more about exporting with LetMeShip.


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