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Send large parcels — quick and easy

You want to send large parcels nationally or internationally? As with all parcels, the dimensions, weight, volume and delivery location determine the shipping cost. As a business customer, you can use the platform to easily compare prices and book your preferred carrier online in just a few clicks.

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Shipping requirements in companies are often complex and time-consuming. A task in which you can count on our support.

Benefits of our shipping platform for sending large packages

  • compare the prices and transit times of all shipping providers
  • register for free and book directly online
  • make use of our integrated shipment tracking
  • customer service available by phone for queries
  • All shipping service providers at a glance
  • Uncomplicated supplier management: invite suppliers to LetMeShip
  • Transparency for all shipments with Track & Trace
  • A clear collective invoice for all service providers

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Why ship large parcels with LetMeShip?

Use our price comparison tool to compare all available carriers with their prices and delivery times for your shipment. This makes it easy to find the cheapest carrier. Thanks to our exclusive conditions with well-known CEP service providers, you can save on shipping costs with us. For extra heavy, bulky or oversized parcels that exceed the maximum dimensions, speak to our Special Service Shipping experts in person. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

International shipping of large parcels

Need to send large parcel abroad? Our platform gives you access to a wide range of experienced CEP carriers such as DHL, UPS or FedEx for the international shipping of large parcels. Use the integrated Track & Trace function to follow your shipment all the way to the recipient. We can also help you with customs formalities, as these vary from country to country and can cause delays in delivery. Our tip: Make sure that particularly valuable goods are adequately insured.

Shipping options for sending large parcels

As with smaller packages, you can choose between standard and express delivery. Standard shipping is generally cheaper, but delivery times can be longer. With express shipping, your large package will be given priority in transit and delivered within a few days, depending on the distance to the recipient country. At LetMeShip, you can choose from several CEP service providers for express services, such as DHL, UPS or local carriers in your area.

The shipping costs for large parcels depend on the dimensions, weight and destination of the parcel. For large parcels, pay attention to the possible difference between the volume weight and the actual weight, as the carriers always take the higher weight into account.

a) Actual weight: The weight that is displayed when you place the parcel on a scale.

b) Volumetric weight: Calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of the parcel (in centimetres) and dividing this number by a certain factor. Therefore, never pack your item(s) in a box that is too large.

DHL Express: Maximum dimensions are 119 cm per side.

FedEx international: The longest side may be 274 cm / The maximum girth* is 330 cm.

FedEx national: The longest side may be 270 cm / The maximum girth* is 400 cm.

TNT international (standard and express): 240 cm (L) x 120 cm (W) x 150 cm (H).

TNT national: 302 cm (L) x 203 cm (W) x 178 cm (H).

UPS: The longest side may be 270 cm / The maximum girth* is 400 cm.

DPD: The longest side may be 175 cm / the maximum girth* is 300 cm.

In addition to the maximum dimensions, there is also a maximum weight per parcel, for FedEx and TNT this is a maximum of 68 kg per parcel. Optionally, you can also ship the whole thing on a pallet.

*Girth = (1 x length + 2x width + 2x height)

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