Product innovation LetMeShip CONNECT – the web interface for multi-carrier shipping

Product innovation LetMeShip CONNECT – the web interface for multi-carrier shipping

The multi-carrier software LetMeShip has been available as an API since the beginning of October. With the digital interface, senders can choose the functions they need from various methods. Multi-carrier shipping is thus optimally integrated into an existing IT infrastructure with an ERP.

Hamburg 10th October 2018 With the web interface, the API (Application Programming Interface), LetMeShip offers developers the possibility of integrating the shipping handling process directly into existing systems or external devices. The entire LetMeShip shipping process, from service provider selection to tracking, is thus also available to customers who have an existing IT infrastructure and want to connect shipping to ERP systems using the SOAP API. There are currently 9 methods available from which senders can choose the functions that are required in their shipping process.

The powerful SOAP API offers functions such as automated shipment registration and waybill generation as well as Track&Trace and the shipping of hazardous goods. In general, all express and standard services can be integrated into existing systems using the shipping interface. LetMeShip Connect initially offers 9 different methods that can be flexibly selected. The provision of the API by LetMeShip is free of charge for the user.

About LetMeShip

LetMeShip is the brand name of ITA Shipping GmbH from Hamburg, which was founded in 2000. More than 75 employees work for LetMeShip at eight international locations. As an innovative digital logistics company, LetMeShip simplifies worldwide shipping for business customers with its shipping solution LetMeShip. Thanks to its multi-carrier integration, the LetMeShip shipping solution offers a unique range of functions to harmonise decentralised shipping processes, reduce costs and save time. The additional functions, such as proactive tracking, the online shipment archive, business intelligence reporting and customs clearance, combined with personal customer service offer unparalleled coverage of professional senders’ shipping needs for great flexibility and independence with complete cost transparency.

LetMeShip can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure as the CONNECT (API) web service interface or used as the web application DIRECT.