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Optimize your international shipping with Aramex Express services conveniently through our user-friendly platform. LetMeShip offers a comprehensive all-in-one shipping solution specifically designed for business customers. We understand the needs of B2B companies and support you in optimizing your shipping processes while reducing costs. 

Sign up for free and benefit from top shipping rates for Aramex Express services tailored to your specific shipping needs. Enter your shipment details and experience the hassle-free shipping process through our platform. You can save with us from your very first express shipment. If you need assistance, our experienced shipping experts are personally available to you. 

Here’s what you can look forward to 

  • Free and non-binding registration for businesses 
  • No contract terms or minimum shipping volume 
  • Personal consultation with our in-house shipping experts 
  • Transparent price and transit time comparison of all services 
  • Flexible shipping through multi-carrier integration 

Aramex shipment tracking 

Get a quick shipment status update and easily track your package with our Aramex shipment tracking. 

With our multi-carrier integration, you can also select many other carriers for your shipment tracking. If there are any delays or problems with your shipment, online tracking enables faster problem identification. 

When you ship your international packages with Aramex through LetMeShip, a personal shipping expert is available to assist you with any questions to ensure your shipping needs are successfully met. 

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Shipping requirements in companies are often complex and time-consuming. A task in which you can count on our support.

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Aramex Express Shipping with LetMeShip 

On our shipping platform LetMeShip, you benefit from various shipping solutions from renowned carriers such as Aramex. Our platform allows you to ship your packages internationally with Aramex Express. Simply enter the relevant shipment data and our system will clearly present the available Aramex service on one page. Compare prices and transit times and select the appropriate option. You can see your discounted prices directly without hidden costs. After booking, you generate your shipping label and your package is ready for pickup by FedEx. 

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All in One System 

At LetMeShip, you have a variety of shipping solutions for documents, packages and pallets at your disposal. Whether you are looking for fast delivery times, competitive prices or special service offers such as air freight or direct deliveries, you will find everything you need in one place. Keep track of all your shipments in our system and track the status of your shipping booking at any time. But that’s not all. We attach great importance to personal contact with our customers. Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have to ensure that your shipping requirements are optimally met. 

International Shipping with Aramex Express 

Book international shipping with Aramex quickly and easily online. Thanks to our user-friendly LetMeShip platform, you can see Aramex prices in minutes. You benefit from top shipping rates for Aramex’s international express services from the very first shipment. No more time-consuming research on different websites, because with LetMeShip you have everything at a glance. 

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How Aramex Express Shipping Works with LetMeShip 

  1. Register for free and without obligation 
  2. Enter shipping details 
  3. Compare prices and transit times for all shipping options 
  4. Select the desired Aramex service 
  5. Complete booking 
  6. Print label and prepare package 
  7. Pickup by Aramex 
  8. Track shipment status 

Who is Aramex Express Shipping Suitable For? 

Aramex is particularly well suited for companies that require international express shipping, especially if they have business partners in Middle Eastern countries (especially Arab countries) and Asia. 

Thanks to its extensive network and expertise in international shipping, Aramex offers tailor-made solutions for companies that regularly need to ship goods or documents to these regions. This includes fast express deliveries with short transit times as well as comprehensive support for customs clearance and import or export procedures. 

For companies with trade relations in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, Aramex offers a reliable and efficient shipping service that helps to optimize business processes and facilitate international trade. 

Aramex Express: Fast international shipping with delivery in 2-5 business days worldwide. 

Package dimensions and weight may vary depending on the service option. However, similar restrictions generally apply as with other shipping service providers: 

Maximum length: Usually around 274 cm. 

Maximum volumetric weight: For express services, the maximum volumetric weight is often 70 kg per package. 

Maximum actual weight: Also often 70 kg per package. 

Your Advantages for Aramex Shipping with LetMeShip 

  • Bulk customer prices from the first shipment 
  • Support from our shipping experts 
  • In-house customer service 
  • Clear price and performance comparison 
  • Free use of our shipping platform 
  • Shipment and invoice archive 
  • Integrated tracking 
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About Aramex

Aramex is a multinational logistics, courier and parcel delivery company from the Emirates, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 1982 by Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson in Amman, Jordan. It is the first Arab company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Today, the company employs more than 16,000 people and is active in over 65 countries. For LetMeShip, Aramex is above all a reliable partner for shipments in the emerging markets of the Middle East and South East Asia.

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