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Manage your UPS company shipping clearly on one platform. LetMeShip offers a comprehensive all-in-one shipping solution specifically designed for business customers. We understand the needs of B2B companies and support you in optimizing your shipping processes while reducing costs. 

Sign up for free and benefit from top shipping rates on all UPS shipping services tailored to your specific shipping needs. 

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  • Transparent price and transit time comparison of all services 
  • Flexible shipping through multi-carrier integration 
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UPS Shipping with LetMeShip 

On our free shipping platform LetMeShip, you benefit from a variety of shipping solutions from renowned carriers such as UPS. LetMeShip enables you to ship packages nationally and internationally with UPS. Simply enter the relevant shipment data and our system will present you with all UPS Express and Standard shipping services on one page. Compare prices and transit times clearly and select the appropriate shipping option. You can see your discounted prices directly without hidden costs. After booking, you generate your shipping label. Your package is now ready for pickup by UPS. 

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All in One System 

At LetMeShip, you get a wide range of shipping solutions for document shipping, parcel shipping, and pallet shipping. Whether you are looking for fast delivery times, competitive prices, or special services such as same-day deliveries or an on-board courier, you will find everything you need in one system. Manage all your shipping bookings on one platform and have the status of your shipment at your fingertips at all times. At LetMeShip, we also value personal contact with our customers. Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have to ensure that your shipping requirements are fully met. 

UPS Parcel Shipping 

Book your company shipping with UPS quickly and easily online with LetMeShip. With our intuitive platform, you will receive an overview of UPS prices and transit times for your shipping needs in no time. No more time-consuming research on different shipping service provider websites – with LetMeShip you have everything at a glance and benefit from first-class shipping rates for all UPS services. 

How UPS Shipping Works with LetMeShip 

  1. Register for free and without obligation 
  2. Enter shipping details 
  3. Compare prices and transit times for all shipping options 
  4. Select the desired UPS service 
  5. Complete booking 
  6. Print label and prepare package 
  7. Pickup by UPS 
  8. Track shipment status 

Who is UPS Shipping Suitable For? 

For large enterprises and industrial customers: UPS offers excellent shipping options tailored to the specific needs of large enterprises and industrial customers. These can also include complex transport solutions. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises: UPS offers flexible shipping solutions for smaller businesses and medium-sized enterprises that regularly need to ship packages or pallets. These companies benefit from the diverse service options and the reliability of UPS. 

UPS shipping services are suitable for companies of all sizes and industries that are looking for a reliable, fast, and versatile shipping partner. 

These UPS Express services offer fast and reliable shipping options for both national and international shipments. They enable you to have your shipments delivered to their destination punctually and efficiently, regardless of whether they are national or international deliveries. 

UPS Express Saver: Fast delivery by the next business day within Germany. 

UPS Express: Guaranteed delivery by the next business day by a certain time. 

UPS Express Plus: The fastest possible delivery by the next business day by an early time. 

UPS Express Saver International: Fast delivery within 1-3 business days worldwide. 

UPS Express International: Guaranteed delivery within 1-3 business days by a certain time. 

UPS Express Plus International: The fastest possible international delivery by the next business day by an early time. 

These standard shipping services offer a cost-effective shipping option for shipments with less urgent delivery requirements, both for national and international deliveries. 

UPS Standard: Standard shipping within Germany with delivery in 1-2 business days. 

UPS Standard: Standard shipping for international shipments with longer delivery times. 

UPS Package Shipping: Dimensions and Weight 

To ensure smooth processing, adhere to the following guidelines for package dimensions and weight: 

Domestic Shipments: 

Maximum length: 270 cm 

Maximum length plus girth: 419 cm 

Maximum weight: 70 kg 

International Shipments: 

Maximum length: 274 cm 

Maximum length plus girth: 419 cm 

Maximum weight: 70 kg 

Import Goods with UPS 

Leverage UPS’s secure and swift import services for businesses to seamlessly bring your goods into Germany or other destinations. LetMeShip facilitates the booking process, ensuring a streamlined import experience. UPS offers various express and standard import services to cater to your specific needs. 

Your Advantages for UPS Shipping with LetMeShip 

  • Bulk customer prices from the first shipment 
  • Support from our shipping experts 
  • In-house customer service 
  • Clear price and performance comparison 
  • Free use of our shipping platform 
  • Shipment and invoice archive 
  • Integrated tracking 
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About UPS

The United Parcel Service of America, Inc. UPS for short, is a globally active US courier express parcel service company. Founded in a basement in Seattle in 1907, UPS began expanding into Europe and Germany in 1976. Its main hub for the whole of Europe is located in Cologne/Bonn Germany.

Today, the company is listed on the stock exchange and is present in more than 220 countries and territories. UPS employs around 534,000 people worldwide, with a total turnover of 97.3 billion US dollars in 2021, UPS delivers around 25.2 million parcels every day and has become an indispensable and reliable shipping partner.

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