Shipping bulky goods

Shipping bulky goods with LetMeShip

Our platform offers you an effortless and cost-effective solution for shipping bulky items of all kinds – from furniture and industrial equipment to machine components and spare parts.

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Shipping bulky goods

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  1. Enter the dimensions and weight of your bulky goods.
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Shipping bulky goods with a reliable partner!

Bulky goods — challenges for B2B shipping:

Bulky items such as furniture, industrial equipment, machine components or spare parts pose particular challenges in B2B shipping. Due to their size, shape or weight, they cannot be shipped as standard parcels and therefore require special solutions.

The problem in detail:

  • Exceeding standard dimensions: Bulky goods often exceed the maximum dimensions and weights specified by parcel services, which makes shipping much more difficult.
  • More complex handling: Bulky items are not as easy to transport and sort as standard parcels, which makes the shipping process more complex and cost-intensive.
  • Increased risk of damage: Due to the bulky nature and higher weight, the risk of damage during transport is significantly increased.

Requirements for shipping bulky goods with various carriers

General requirements for bulky goods:

Bulky goods are items that cannot be shipped as parcels due to their size, shape or weight. The exact limits vary depending on the shipping service provider, but the following requirements generally apply:

  • Maximum weight: between 30 kg and 70 kg (depending on carrier)
  • Maximum length: between 175 cm and 200 cm (depending on the carrier)
  • Maximum height: between 70 cm and 180 cm (depending on the carrier)
  • Belt dimension: The sum of length, width and height must not exceed a certain dimension (e.g. 360 cm) (depending on the carrier)

Additional requirements:

  • Packaging: Bulky goods must be securely packed to prevent damage during transport.
  • Labelling: Bulky goods must be clearly labelled as such.
  • Shipping documents: The correct shipping documents with all relevant information (e.g. address, weight, dimensions) must be enclosed.

Requirements for different carriers:

The exact requirements for shipping bulky goods can vary for different carriers. Below you will find some examples:

  • DHL: Maximum weight 31.5 kg, maximum length 200 cm, maximum height 120 cm, girth 360 cm.
  • DPD: Maximum weight 31.5 kg, maximum length 175 cm, maximum height 70 cm, belt size 300 cm.
  • FedEx: Maximum weight 68 kg, maximum length 274 cm, maximum height 274 cm, belt size 518 cm.
  • UPS: Maximum weight 70 kg, maximum length 274 cm, maximum height 274 cm, belt size 518 cm.
  • ARAMEX: Maximum weight 30 kg, maximum length 130 cm, maximum height 130 cm, belt size 260 cm.
  • TNT: Maximum weight 50 kg, maximum length 175 cm, maximum height 70 cm, harness size 300 cm.
  • DSV: Maximum weight 75 kg, maximum length 300 cm, maximum height 200 cm, belt size 500 cm.

It is important to check the exact requirements of the respective carrier before shipping bulky goods.

Tip: You can usually find detailed information about the requirements for shipping bulky goods on the carriers’ websites.

Additional information:

  • Bulky goods surcharge: Most carriers charge a surcharge for shipping bulky goods.
  • Express shipping: Bulky goods cannot typically be shipped by express.
  • International shipments: Additional customs regulations must be observed when shipping bulky goods internationally.

What if I need help booking my bulky goods shipment?

Our customer service team is always on hand to help and advise you. As a business customer, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions or problems. We will be happy to help you book your bulky goods shipment and ensure that your bulky goods reach their destination safely and on time.

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