Customer Story Bakerman

Frozen bakery manufacturer Bakerman uses the services of the shipping platform LetMeShip for sample and document shipping

Bakerman is a specialist in high-quality frozen bakery products – in both the sweet and savoury segments. The company was founded in 2007 and is still owner-managed today. Thanks to short decision-making processes and a high level of expertise, Bakerman is an innovation driver and trendsetter in the industry. Currently, almost 60 employees work for Bakerman at the location in Gronau in Westphalia.

Since the summer of 2021, Bakerman has been handling its sample shipping, frozen bakery products, and document shipping via the shipping platform LetMeShip. The eternal switch between different platforms of the shipping service providers, depending on the shipping requirement, has finally come to an end. Thanks to a new colleague who already relied on LetMeShip at her previous employer, the producer of frozen baked goods now benefits from simplified shipping.

“The advantage for us is quite clear: we have one shipping partner and can choose the most suitable one for us from various shipping service providers,” says Angela Makogonow, head office employee at Bakerman.

Shipping becomes easier and saves the company considerable time, as they only have to contact one fixed contact person for their requirements. With LetMeShip, they always find a solution for various requests without having to ask several transport service providers for it.

But it is not only the shipping department that is happy, because the accounting department also benefits from LetMeShip. There is only one invoice for all shipping service providers, which makes the work much easier and structures the accounting. 

Dry ice shipping of sample goods: Bakerman successfully ships with the shipping service provider TNT/FedEx

If they now want to send their sample shipments and documents with UPS, TNT or DHL, they only have to contact one person at LetMeShip or can book their preferred carrier directly online via a quick price-performance comparison via the shipping platform. This way, they are always flexible when shipping their national and international shipments and have everything at one glance in one system!

Bakerman has a monthly shipment volume, which is handled via LetMeShip, of approximately 50 shipments. For this, they mainly use the shipping services of UPS as well as TNT/FedEx when it comes to more specialised shipping requirements such as shipping dry ice for frozen sample goods.

Angela Makogonow praises LetMeShip: “Cool concept! For me, a great simplification and relief in the shipping area.”

Angela Makogonow has been with Bakerman since 2018 and is responsible for administration at the head office.

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