FAQs Customer Service – What our customers ask us the most

The Customer Service team is the heart and soul of LetMeShip and deals with all your B2B shipping questions on a daily basis. Whether it’s booking or tracking, customs formalities, or surcharges. “At LetMeShip, you don’t get a standard hotline, you get a team that keeps an eye on your shipment and is available to answer any questions you may have over the phone,” says Bianca Venticinque, Team Lead Customer Service DACH at LetMeShip.

We have put together a list of the 9 most frequently asked questions for you here.

The parcel has not yet been collected. When will the driver arrive?

LetMeShip does not collect your shipment from you personally, this is done by the carrier you have hired. We only provide you with the shipping and booking platform and of course our personal support if you have any questions.

If the carrier does not collect your goods within the agreed time window, this is often due to external circumstances. In this case, simply contact us by phone and we will clarify the matter with the carrier and give you feedback.

Can I then create a transit time complaint?

This is not possible because a shipment’s transit time only begins when it is picked up by the carrier. 

This means that the transit time is the time between collection and delivery. You can only file a transit time complaint once the goods have been collected by the carrier and there are delays. As a LetMeShip customer, you can do this directly from your account: You select the shipment in question and file a transit time delay online. The carrier will then verify that the claim is valid and in accordance with their terms and conditions. This process may take some time. If your transit time complaint is accepted by the carrier, you will receive a credit. Exceptions to this are transit time delays due to force majeure or for which the carrier is not responsible.

I want to ship to Australia, for example. What customs documentation do I need?

Whether you book online or use our telephone support, it is important that you know exactly where you want to send your shipment, the type of goods and the value of your shipment. If you book online, you will receive more information directly in your account during the booking process. You can also download a blank invoice here.

Where is my shipment?

If you have booked a shipment through our platform, tracking is already integrated, and you can view the status of all your booked shipments in the archive at any time or be proactively notified by email in the event of an event.

Tracking is not available for special shipments or shipments transported by freight forwarders. In this case we will track the shipment for you as a link to the carrier. Please contact us if you require a status report.

My shipment is “on hold”. What does that mean and what happens next?

If you receive the status message “on hold” that is not plausible for you, give us a quick call or send us an e-mail. There can be several reasons why a shipment is “on hold” and you don’t always have to take action straight away.

I have a very urgent shipment that needs to reach the recipient today. Can you help me?

Yes, we can: The shipping option is called “Same Day Delivery”. As an existing customer, you can request a quote directly from the Same Day tab. We will then check if and which carrier can make the delivery and send you a customised quote. Businesses without an account can always contact us by phone or email.

Other fast shipping alternatives in our service portfolio include express shipping, booking a direct delivery or accompanied transport with an on-board courier.

How can I book a shipment with LetMeShip?

The easiest and quickest way is to open a free customer account and enter your booking details on the shipping platform. You can then compare prices, select your preferred carrier and book directly. You only pay for the actual cost of shipping, using our all-in-one shipping and booking platform is free of charge.

How can I cancel my shipping order?

Existing customers can simply log in to their customer account. Simply select the order number via the “Archive” tab, click on the arrow to open the drop-down menu and click on the “Shipment cancellation” button at the bottom right to cancel the shipment. If the collection time has already started, this function is not possible. In this case, call us and we will cancel the order for you.

I have booked a shipment but have not received any shipping documents. What should I do now?

Once you have booked and completed an order, the details are automatically sent to the carrier. If a small error has crept in (e.g. city/town), the order will be blocked by us. Our customer service team will then manually check where the error is. We will cancel the order and you will receive an email from us telling you what needs to be corrected. This email will allow you to copy the order and make the necessary changes. The order will then be rebooked, and you will receive the necessary shipping documents.

I have a question about surcharges

Certain goods and packaging units are subject to surcharges, which are often charged to you retrospectively by the carriers. For example, this may apply to non-stackable pallets, goods not suitable for conveyor belts, special handling or irregular goods, such as a wooden crate. If you are unsure whether surcharges will apply, please call us.

“We in Customer Service at LetMeShip make almost everything possible for business customers, whether online or in a personal conversation. If you have a question about your shipment, just give us a call. You’ll get qualified information quickly and easily, without long queues or chatbots. Together, we can always find a solution to your shipping needs,” says Bianca.