Machine downtimes and supply bottlenecks for machines and machine spare parts — what to do now?

Every manufacturing company knows the situation: production is running at full speed and the delivery date is approaching. Nothing is worse than the unplanned breakdown of a machine or the lack of machine spare parts. This makes reliable and fast delivery all the more important in order to minimise machine downtimes and prevent any supply bottlenecks within manufacturing companies.

Imports of machinery and vehicles to Austria

Machinery and vehicles account for just under one third of total imports to Austria and are thus the most important import goods. In 2022, Austria imported goods worth around 65.7 billion euros;1 this represented an increase of 11.2 percent compared to the previous year.

Spare parts logistics: the challenges for SMEs in Austria

Especially for small and medium-sized craft and production enterprises[1], which shape the economic landscape in Austria, machines and components are the most valuable capital goods and often secure the existence of the company. If, for example, only one machine in the production process comes to a standstill, the entire production can come to a halt for an uncertain period of time. In addition to the high costs for the procurement of spare parts and repair or even for the replacement of the entire machine, there are also production and goods shortages as a consequence. Delivery dates can no longer be met. Delivery problems in the procurement of certain products or groups of products aggravate the situation.

Entire machines or machine spare parts must then be delivered quickly and any delivery difficulties on the part of the company must be met flexibly – a case for emergency logistics or express shipping.

Procurement of machines, machine spare parts and components

A machine breakdown is often unexpected and very few companies are prepared for it. If a service case occurs, it costs time, especially with regard to the procurement and delivery times of spare parts or entire machines.

Every minute until the urgently needed products arrive and the damage is finally repaired costs companies money.

“Fast shipping and reliable delivery in the event of a service emergency are then the top priority for our customers,” says Dirk Christlieb, Sales Manager at LetMeShip. “Often mechanics and technicians are already on site, as was the case recently with one of our customers in China, but the required machine spare parts had not yet arrived. Just keeping the staff on standby for the repair caused additional costs (accommodation, salaries, etc.). In addition, there was the worry that the spare parts would also arrive safely and undamaged at the place of use. It is precisely these customer requirements that we always find an answer to in our day-to-day business with our multi-carrier shipping solution.”

Another way to procure machines and/or spare parts is directly through the manufacturer, authorised dealer or specified supplier. This is because machine parts often have to fit the exact specifications of the machine and are part of the manufacturer’s warranty and/or maintenance contracts to ensure proper performance. Here, shipping is mostly initiated by the manufacturer, but this can also take time.

Alternatives to quickly replace spare parts or machines are rental machines or you can use spare parts from other manufacturers that are available in various online shops, including custom-made ones. We have compiled information for you in a separate article on the requirements you should observe when temporarily importing goods, e.g. a loan machine.

Multi-carrier shipping: speed in procurement, because every minute counts

A key factor in the procurement process in B2B companies is the speed and ease of handling of shipping processes. Especially when it comes to a (one-off) emergency. As a corporate customer, LetMeShip gives you direct access to many experienced shipping service providers who take care of the customs process in addition to spare parts logistics and emergency logistics. In addition, our personal customer service team is available by phone if you have any questions about the required trade documents or the most suitable shipping route for you.

All well-known carriers ensure that your goods arrive as quickly as possible, regardless of whether you are importing from the EU or overseas. Using the price comparison, you can also view the delivery times transparently and plan your repair measures accordingly.

We have compiled more information on the fast shipping services for machines and machine spare parts for you here.

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