Direct delivery

Additional benefits with LetMeShip

  • Large number of forwarding companies for direct deliveries
  • Non-binding registration and quotation preparation
  • Personal support from our in-house logistics experts 
  • No hidden costs — we give you a definitive final price
  • A collective invoice for all service providers

Shorter shipping times when booking a freight forwarder

Do you have an urgent shipment, such as an urgently needed spare part, valuable goods, food or a confidential document that needs to reach the recipient quickly? For transport to countries that can be reached by land and by lorry, we recommend a direct shipment by freight forwarder. The forwarding agent you have booked picks up the goods directly from you at the desired time and delivers them to the recipient without any detours. This reduces shipping times, minimises the risk of damage (no need for reloading and loading) and gives you more flexibility with regard to collection and delivery times.

How can I book a direct delivery?

You can use our shipping and booking platform to easily request a forwarding agent shipment – free of charge and without obligation. Simply register and use your login in the “Shipping” area to submit a shipping enquiry via the “Special shipping” tab.

Once we have received your enquiry, we will get back to you promptly with a quote. The advantage of booking a freight forwarder via LetMeShip is that you don’t have to work your way through the offers of various service providers and our in-house experts take care of the entire process with the freight forwarder.

What are the costs for a direct delivery via a freight forwarder?

The costs for a direct shipment depend heavily on where you want to ship to and whether the freight is small or voluminous. A direct shipment is always associated with higher costs, as you commission a freight forwarder specifically to transport your goods. However, the costs for customs clearance are already included in the freight costs. For particularly valuable goods, it is advisable to take out insurance. Shipping by freight forwarder is still one of the safest shipping methods, especially for valuable freight. 

How quickly will my consignment be delivered with a direct lorry delivery?

A direct journey always means a shorter shipping time, as your goods are transported directly to their destination by lorry. This also applies to shipments to the UK, where lorries also bridge distances by ferry or tunnel. The goods are delivered to various locations without intermediate stops for loading or reloading goods. The delivery time varies depending on the destination country. Only the drivers’ driving times need to be taken into account here, but these are already included in our offer.

Where can goods be transported by direct delivery?

Basically to all destinations that can be reached by lorry from the country of dispatch. If you want to send goods overseas, we recommend that you book air freight directly, as the goods have to be transferred from the lorry to a plane.

What can’t be sent by direct delivery?

When booking a freight forwarder, the same restrictions apply to the import and export of certain goods. These include narcotics, live animals or weapons and ammunition. Otherwise, there are hardly any limits for direct journeys. Just get in touch with us.

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