Simplified customs clearance for export shipments with the interface i-TMS

The integration of the i-TMS portal into the shipping software LetMeShip simplifies customs clearance for export shipments.

Hamburg, 20-01-30, The integration of the i-TMS portal into the shipping software LetMeShip simplifies customs clearance for export shipments to non-European countries. It electronically links the document generation of foreign trade and keeps everything in one hand. The administrative effort is reduced, clearly arranged and costs are saved.

Efficient customs clearance is important for the global movement of goods and it is strictly regulated. The complexity of customs processing costs time and personnel resources and the error rate can result in additional costs and even penalties. Thanks to the cooperation of nordwest IT and LetMeShip, customs processing via the i-TMS interface for international shipments becomes simple and transparent. In addition, the costs for customs clearance are reduced by up to 50% compared to handling with other systems.

“By working with LetMeShip, customers can integrate the customs declaration directly and easily into the shipping process. No additional software is needed, so there is no additional installation effort. i-TMS is directly integrated into LetMeShip via an interface. The customer benefits from many advantages such as data reuse, increased compliance (sanction list screening and customs tariff measure checking) and everything is fully digitalized. We are looking forward to the cooperation and the planned expansion into other European countries”, Hans-Hartwig Gerschke, Managing Director nordwest Import-Export IT-Service GmbH & Co. KG.

The international shipping process at LetMeShip remains simple and transparent thanks to its clear handling structure. Once the order is completed, customs clearance is automatically offered via i-TMS. The required documents are automatically filled out and individually processed using an existing template. Furthermore, information about current, country-

specific restrictions on the movement of goods is provided. This makes customs clearance of international shipping processes with LetMeShip easier, time and cost-saving.

Companies that organize their shipping processes internally used to have to invest a lot of time in customs clearance. The preparation of important documents, submission of complete records and handling of incorrect data swallows up valuable time reserves in addition to manpower. The integration of the i-ITMS interface reduces the administrative effort and enables the preparation of customs documents within a very short time“, says Niels Detzkeit, Head of Customer Service LetMeShip.