Plastics Industry

Shipping in the plastics industry: logistics solutions for smooth production

The requirements for shipping in the plastics industry are diverse: raw materials for plastics production, smaller plastic components or heavy parts for plastics machine construction have to be shipped worldwide to keep production running.

Shipping solution for the Plastics Industry

Shipping challenges for companies in the plastics industry

  • Product diversity: The plastics industry produces a variety of products that need to be transported in different shapes, sizes and quantities. Here you need a wide range of flexible shipping partners who are able to cater to the specific requirements of each product.
  • High volumes: The plastics industry produces and transports high volumes of goods, often with low margins. This requires efficient transport routes and means in order to minimise costs and ensure profitability.
  • Just-in-time: Many plastics processors work on the principle of just-in-time delivery, i.e. the materials must be delivered exactly when they are needed. Here, the reliability of your shipping partners is a top priority in order to keep production running.
  • Complex supply chains: Raw materials are procured from different parts of the world and the finished products are shipped all over the world. The biggest challenge here is the transparency and control of your shipments.

In general, careful planning, close cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors and the right choice of shipping service are important to ensure smooth shipping and production processes in the plastics industry.

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