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Marine breakwaters: solutions for the shipbuilding industry

Companies in the shipbuilding industry are often faced with challenges when it comes to the shipping of spare parts for ships, in particular for ship engines. The complexity and size of these parts require special shipping solutions. In addition, smaller parts often need to reach their destination quickly to minimise downtime and keep operations running.

  • Time-sensitive deliveries: Spare parts often need to be delivered as quickly as possible to avoid costly downtime.
  • Bulky and heavy goods: Ship components are often bulky and heavy, making transport difficult.
  • Customs regulations: For international deliveries, the customs regulations of the destination country must be observed.

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Shipping requirements in companies are often complex and time-consuming. A task for which you can count on our support. Contact us today and find out more about our shipping services for B2B customers!

As an experienced shipping partner, we can help you get your marine components where they need to go, safely and on time. Whether you choose express shipping or one of our specialised services such as air freight or direct delivery. Remain flexible in your choice of carrier and shipping services and also rely on our experienced customer service team, who can also give you tips on customs formalities.

LetMeShip is the solution to your shipbuilding problems! We offer you a variety of shipping options for small spare parts and large components that meet your individual requirements.

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  • Express shipping: Do you need a spare part as quickly as possible? With our express delivery service, you will receive it within 24 hours.
  • Standard shipping: For less urgent shipments, we offer cost-effective standard shipping.
  • Tracking: All shipments can be tracked online at any time, so you always know where your spare part is.

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