B2B Import from Canada to France

Importation du Canada vers la France

Would you like to import goods from Canada to France and book them quickly and easily? And have full cost and price transparency at the same time? With LetMeShip’s multi-carrier shipping platform, it’s easy with integrated price comparison and track & trace.

In 2022, France imported goods worth around 3.2 billion euros from Canada. This puts the country in 19th place among the most important import partners outside the EU. However, the commodity agreement concluded between France and Canada in September 2023 is likely to increase the importance of the North American country for French foreign trade and French companies in the future. This is all the more the case as French industry – pharmaceuticals, automotive, defence, aviation, telecommunications, etc. – not only sources production goods from abroad, but also has a high demand for raw materials that cannot be met from national deposits. The most important imported goods in 2022 were ores, slag and ashes; aerospace technology; machinery; oilseeds, oleaginous fruits and cereals; electronics and electronic equipment.

Multi-carrier: Always the right shipping service provider for your shipment

At LetMeShip, you can choose from a wide range of shipping service providers and services – from standard shipping to special services such as air freight or hazardous goods, whether parcel or pallet. Choose the transport service provider that best suits your B2B import!

Using our shipping calculator, you can easily compare the rates of different carriers and book directly online – with no contract commitment and no hidden costs.

Do you have questions about a shipment or one of our services? If you have any questions, you can contact our personal customer service at any time!


  • Simple and fast shipping booking in one system
  • Reliable import from Canada at fair conditions
  • All import service providers and prices at a glance
  • Personal support from our import experts
  • Transparency for all imports with Track & Trace
  • A clear collective invoice for all service providers

Calculate import costs from Canada to France

Express import of goods from Canada

The shipping times for importing goods vary depending on the selected shipping option, pick-up location and delivery location. Due to the long distances involved, we always recommend an express import from Canada to France if shipments are particularly urgent or need to be delivered by a certain date. Our shipping partners such as UPS, DHL Express, TNT or FedEx guarantee you prioritised customs clearance as well as fast and reliable delivery.

Customs duties for French importers

The free trade agreement CETA exists between Canada and the European Union, which has largely abolished customs duties in bilateral trade. Nevertheless, all goods must still go through the regular customs process. The requirements for importers are fairly straightforward. Especially if you book via a multi-carrier shipping platform. Nevertheless, as the importer (the client of a shipment), you should make sure that the shipping documents are available to the exporter (shipper).

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