We are 100 LetMeShippers!

The LetMeShip family is growing and growing! “Celebrating the power of 100 LetMeShippers”, we welcomed our 100th employee on 1 July 2021. Surprising our team with a sparkling present, sent to their private addresses, everyone could participate easily on- and offline. Lise from the Accounting-team, our 100th colleague, was handed over a bouquet of flowers on her first day at work. In the evening, we all toasted together virtually to this wonderful number, our stable growth and our LetMeShip family.

Who would have thought of such a stately number of employees, 20 years after the first LetMeShip sit-down. In 2001 only 4 shipments a month were handled by a mini team of only 4. In addition to the growth of team and volumes we opened LetMeShip offices in France, Spain and the Netherlands. In times of many companies cutting staff in a difficult economic surrounding, these are important milestones for our company. In March 2020, prior the first Corona lockdown, there were about 70 employees. So just under 30 new LetMeShippers have joined since then. Wow.

“I am super happy and proud that we as a team are doing great things every day and the company keeps growing,” stated our CEO Mark Winkelmann in his speech on 1.7.2021.

We are looking forward to welcoming many more LetMeShippers in the future.

Become a LetMeShipper!

As we are currently growing and need support in many areas, please have a look at our vacancies to see if there is any position that could fit for you.

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